The New Ferio Tego Cigar Line

Ferio Tego: From the Ashes of Nat Sherman

There were many smokers left saddened by the shuttering of the Nat Sherman Cigar brand. After first appearing on the scene back in 1930,...
Alec Bradley Kintsugi Corona Gorda

A Perfect Spring Cigar

Every aficionado enjoys a premium cigar in their own way. Some smoke based on preference, the craving for a chocolate-flavored cigar or a stogie...
Montecristo Espada Signature

Cigar Review: Montecristo Espada Signature

When starting a review, it's important to stay objective; not letting your expectations color your opinion. I have to admit that was really difficult...

CAO Arcana Firewalker Makes its Debut

After the show-stopping debut of CAO Arcana Mortal Coil, smokers were hotly anticipating a follow-up. But no one could be prepared for what was...
Padron 1964 Anniversary Torpedo

Mike’s Spotlight: The Top 25 Cigars of 2021

As with each passing year, the experts at Cigar Aficionado have decreed what sticks were truly the best 2021 had to offer. This year,...
Smoker's Choice 2021

Smoker’s Choice 2021

Another year has come and gone, with the memory of countless premium cigars to mark where we've been and what we smoked. As we...
Lagavulin Whiskey

Cigar Pairings: Lagavulin 11 Year Old Offerman

Whiskey and cigars, the unquestioned classical combination. Something about whiskey, its unique properties, the inherent peatiness from its aging process, elegantly compliments cigars. Despite...
Dominus Estate 2018

Cigar Pairings: Dominus Estate

As we near the end of the year, the top ten lists for every new product inevitably follow. While many smokers take the words...
Cigar Gifts

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of year once again, where families and friends gather, warm regards are given, and gifts are joyously exchanged. No...
A full box of Rocky Patel Cigars

Rocky Patel White Label

It's not very often that a cigar release has something mysterious about it. Every brand is quick to brag about the blend they've created,...